Specializes in the engineering and installation of power factor correction.



PF Services Co. specializes in the engineering and installation of power factor correction systems. We are proud to have engineered and installed over 1000 power factor correction systems since 1989.

Due to recent changes allowing Electric Utilities to assess monthly Power Factor Penalties, power factor correction has become even more cost effective. System paybacks are good to excellent.

At no cost, we will be happy to analyze your electric usage to see if you are a candidate for power factor correction. Engineering and proposal for system installation are usually presented without any upfront costs.

PF Services Co. welcomes your telephone call. We can eliminate those PF penalties and help reduce your electric demand consumption.

* This website is not intended as a major tutorial on power factor correction with definitions, major engineering theory, etc. Feel free to do a search for that information. This website is our invitation for personal attention to your specific needs. Every system is different and needs to be designed specifically for each facility.